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How exciting would it be if you could extend your brain capacity? You might have learnt a lot of things which you think you’re not capable of, in little amount of time. You are not even aware of your 100 billion brain cells,each of which is connected to about 20,000 others. Can you imagine how much capable you would become if you could utilitise all of them? Researches show that if you could consciously use all areas of your brain,you could generate more ideas than there are molecules in the entire universe.

Although it is often considered that intelligence is genetically determined,recent studies in US has shown that while cloning genes,no gene was identified to be responsible for intelligence. Therefore, there is a chance that intelligence can be developed. You’ll be stunned to know that IQs are increasing three points per decade. In fact,there was an 18 point increase between 1947 and 2002. So the average IQ of a 20 year old in 1947 was lower than the average IQ of a 20 year old in 2002.

Our intelligence can be categorised into Fluid Intelligence and Crystallised Intelligence. Our fluid intelligence mainly determines our ability to reason in an abstract way and solve problems. This kind of intelligence deteriorates over time. Most recently computerized cognitive training designed to improve attention,working memory and executive control has validated the improvement of the performance of our fluid intelligence. On the other hand,our crystallised intelligence stands for intellectual skills and abilities to read and comprehend. This intelligence improves with aging.

Now,only if you know your IQ(Intelligence Quotient),you’ll be able to identify your improvement. Although Psychologist Alfred Boner invented IQ test,it may not provide the accurate information. According to Jack Naglieri,research professor at University of Virginia,” Understanding changes in IQ also required carefully considering how intelligence is being measured. People confuse ability with knowledge. We all can study and improve our vocabulary. But I would argue that doesn’t make us any smarter. The best way to measure intelligence is to measure abilities that underlie the acquisition of knowledge,separating from the knowledge we have.” Your IQ test score improves with aging.

Deepening Intellect:

Researches show that there are two approaches to improving intelligence: Cognitive Training and Pharmacological interventions. Improving Wernicke’s area,frontal lobe,parietal lobe,cerebral cortex and the thalamus areas of brain individually, can improve cognitive performance of our brain.

1. Be Curious:

Always be curious about things happening around you. Be open minded and ready to learn new skills. Learning a new language or any instrument can work as an exercise for the part of your brain which is used for cognitive processing. Ask questions to yourself and others. Engage critically with the world around you. At the same time try absorbing any new information with as many senses as possible. The more senses are involved while perceiving,better the chances of recalling it. For example,if you like business,search for business related answers to your questions, read blogs,write down your findings in a notebook. Talk to people and communicate your ideas. Therefore you’re not only using your eyes,but also your mouth for communication and ears for listening to suggestions.

2. Demonstrate:

Always try to experience whatever you’ve learnt in a practical way. This helps you deepening the knowledge and ability to retain things. It is always better to propagate whatever you’ve learnt. Teaching others helps your brain to function better and smarter and also opens the possibility to learn new things.

3. Follow your passion:

When you love to do something already,you become curious about it. And thus to start your brain training journey with something that you love,is essential. You are already bound to understand your passion deeply and with focused sustained investigation. Following passion results in increased intellect. It is always better to have deep mastery in a few subjects than shallow understanding of various subjects. And also when you learn everything about your passion it already increases your capacity to learn more and you can move into getting educated in other subjects.

4. Be confident with paradox:

Truth can be different in from different perspectives. Researches in US showed that 20% people who used to learn new things constantly got 11% increment as oppossed to 80% others who didn’t read much and got 3% increment. Be flexible to change your opinions. Don’t be judgemental. Rather be ready to change opinions when it’s time. This is very necessary to adjust with any change. As an example, you see a person who suggests someone to kill and another person not to kill,you might start judging him. But the truth may be he’s suggesting a soldier to kill as it’s necessary and a murderer not to kill as he is already a criminal. Therefore, in both cases the suggestion is true,even though paradoxical. So never jump into conclusion.

5. Learn Art and Science:

To be intelligent,you should eliminate neither Art nor Science. Try understanding both of it. Because even if you think your mobile device is an invention of Science,it takes an artist to determine the look and feel of it. Therefore, Science and Art is interrelated. Eliminating any one will disrupt your way of thinking and won’t help you become smarter.

6. Take care of your mind and body:

Your state I well being determines if you can really become smarter. Intelligent people know physical fitness is directly related to their capacity of processing information in brain. Therefore practicing mindfulness, following a good fitness regime and proper food with plenty of water can actually increase your brain capacity.

7. Think Creatively:

Find creative ways to achieve your goals. Creative people think before competitors. All of the ruling multimillionaires are trend setters. They come up with faster,easier and better solutions. Therefore their innovations serves the need of the humanity. They follow the CANEI(Continuous And Never Ending Improvement) principle. They are clear,focused and concentrated about their goals.

8. Think Long-term:

In 1970 a Harvard research showed that people who planned their life ahead mostly became multimillionaires even though they didn’t have higher IQ. Therefore plan your life and have a long term perspective. When you set a goal,you get to plan how you can achieve your goals,which leads to inspecting your activities closely. Therefore you can change those activities which you know don’t align with your goals.

9. Think slow:

Now this doesn’t implement that you need to think slow even when you’re drivibg your car. But give yourself some time (30 minutes) daily to review your goals. Your brain can only process 1500 words every minute. Therefore anything more than that doesn’t get much attention. Therefore, while taking decisions regarding future,think slow to make more rational decisions.

Exercises for brain:

All the following trainings can help you boost your brain power, work different areas of brain,improve your imagination and decision making abilities.

  1. Enrich your vocabulary : Try looking at any object around you and remembering synonyms for it. Wait for 30 seconds and then search for its synonyms in Google or dictionary. Write down those words. Try two words everyday.
  2. Chunking: In case of 10 digit numbers try creating small sets of numbers remembering it. For example, 323-657-6743. In case of memorising many words in order,try visualising how all these words can be related. Create an absurd story in your brain.
  3. Mnemonic device: In case of many names or words,try writing the first alphabet of each words. Now create a whole sentence with different words created from those alphabets. Make sure the meaning of the sentence is absurd and say it out loud.
  4. Neurobics: Put coins in your pocket and without looking at them try understanding which coin is which from their size,texture, edges.
  5. Invent conversation: Mute audio of any video and try to come up with a conversation from the expression of the characters in the video.
  6. Make Predictions: Predict the outcome of a situation of which the result is to be announced in the next 24 hours. See if you can make better predictions.
  7. Riddles: Riddles,puzzles,Sudoku and other brain games have proven to be effective in training your brain.

What smart people don’t do?

  • Don’t gossip about other’s life.
  • Don’t say ” I should..”,say “I must..”
  • Don’t worry about your past,focus on present.
  • Don’t say ‘yes’ to everything;Say ‘no’ when you feel like saying it.
  • Don’t compare yourself with others and feel inferior.

Lastly, always remember you can change your level of intelligence whenever you want to. But for that you should be willing to put your effort and perseverance into becoming an intelligent person.

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