Simple Leadership Techniques To Help You Become a Leader Within 2 Weeks

If your actions inspires others to dream more,learn more,do more and become more,you are a leader.

John Quincy Adams

Can you believe that you have the potential of becoming a leader? No matter what your upbringing is and how you’ve perceive yourself,you can always form leadership skills within yourself.

There are a lot of people who get to lead communities, organizations,political parties,society and like but only few are admired as leaders. Leaders emerge at extreme crisis and help people selflessly. These are the leaders we seek for in our lives. They are willing to confront problems and are insightful and provide solutions which we may never have come up with. Therefore, we consider them our leaders. But have you ever respected a self-declared leader who just exercises positional power because he/she wants to? I believe your answer is ‘No’. Therefore to be a leader the primary criteria is that he/she should be so self-driven,insightful and efficient that other people choose that particular person to be capable enough to be their leader. A great leader has a sense of life which is beyond him/her.

Leadership is more who you are than what you do.

Brian Tracy

As explained by Dr. Vivek Bindra,Leadership is an influence of Personal Power that create progressively advancing community towards a common purpose.

  • Leadership is exercising personal power and not positional power that have been handed over to you. Example: Mahatma Gandhi had personal power,he didn’t get the favour of being a leader through nepotism.
  • Leadership is influencing rather than instructing others.
  • Leadership helps communities to progressively advance which means he/she helps the potential of the community to ever increase,ever expand and ever improve.
  • Leaders don’t create leaders they help building a community of all the existing leaders. For example, the spiritual communities are run by volunteers even though they don’t get any salary, incentive,bonuses and like. People who come up with the idea of spiritual communities are held as leaders.
  • Leaders set goals which will serve the purpose of both leader and the followers. Because if the followers don’t get emotionally attached to the goals,they will soon be exhausted.

Essential qualities of a Leader:

No bad teams,only bad leaders.

Extreme Ownership book

The word LEADER itself explains the qualities of a leader.

  • The alphabet L stands for ‘lead by example’. If a leader say,coach of a football team himself hasn’t ever played football,it will be difficult for the team to regard him as their coach.
  • The alphabet E stands for ‘Enthusiastic’ . The leader should be excited about his/her goal;only then that energy will flow to the followers.
  • A stands for ‘Ambitious’ . The leader is ambitious and has vision. He is confident to reach the top.
  • D stands for ‘Determined’ . Leader has to be essentially faithful to his tasks. Even though other associate or followers feel clueless about proceeding further,the leader should be stubborn and go alone. (S)he should not revert from decisions in adversities.
  • E stands for ‘Encouraging others’ . When team members are given the credit for their contribution,they become excited to contribute more. Leaders are encouraging and therefore followers feel grateful to work towards the goal.
  • R stands for ‘Ready to learn and teach’ . Leaders like to keep themselves updated with as many skills as possible. They read books,attend seminars and learn anything that can help them grow. Leader also teaches those skills to his/her followers and help them becoming better version of themselves.

Apart from these Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam suggested some traits that leaders must possess.

  • Leader must have a ‘clear vision’ . Only then can (s)he lead others to the goal. Even when others think the goal is unachievable, the leaders vision will create the path to achieve the impossible.
  • Leader must be able to ‘travel in unexplored paths’ . When trying to do something unconventional or taking risks,there is a lot of resistance from people around. The leader must be mentally strong enough to explore the unexplored and be ready for negative outcomes.
  • Leaders must know ‘how to manage success,most importantly the failure’. To explain this Sir APJ Abdul Kalam refers to Mr. Satish Dhawan’s brilliant management principle. Under Mr. Dhawan’s management, an ISRO project failed,of which Mr. APJ Kalam was Project Director. But when Mr. Kalam had to answer for this,Mr.Dhawan took all responsibilities of the failure. But when the project became successful,Mr.Dhawan gave all the credits to his team members.
  • Leader must ‘have a courage to take decision’. There are times when the future of the organization or movement lies on the decision of leader. No matter what the circumstances and followers demand, leader must make carefully calculated conscious decision.
  • Leader must have a ‘nobility in management’ . His/her actions should be transparent enough to be questioned.
  • Leader must ‘work with integrity’ . (S)he must be gentle and kind to his/her followers and must possess the quality to solve disputes within the team members.

Developing Leadership Skills:

To be a leader,it is necessary to develop personal effectiveness and only then you can develop interpersonal effectiveness or people skills.

1. Think Positive:

When you change the way you look at things,the things you look at change. You mostly react based on the way you perceive things. You don’t behave based on what has happened to you,you behave based on what you think has happened to you. When you feel something bad has happened,you generate negative cyclic reciprocation. When you value someone’s negative value system,his/her negative value system becomes your value system. Therefore shift your vision to the better part of others. Try to see things as they are and not as you think they are.

2. Develop people skills:

Your success as a leader highly depends on the way you communicate with others. If you are able to positively impact your teammates and change their attitude,you can experience multitude of growth in your goals. Always remember,achieving goals is 90% attitude and 10% technical skills. If you want to be a leader,you have to treat human beings with affection. At the same time you’ll have to be specific,concrete and evocative to effectively voice your ideas and goals.

3. Learn:

To be a leader,you have to have vast knowledge from which your followers will be benefited. Therefore you need to learn new things continuously through books,seminars,events and any source that can possibly be helpful. Apart from having mastery in the field related to your goal,it is essential that you become an avid learner for exponential growth.

4. Be open minded:

You should be open to feedback and criticism. You should be approachable. Even if you’re master in your skills don’t devalue others opinions and advices. It is possible to be benefited in long run.

5. Check your ego:

President Reagan commented once,” There is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit.” Everyone has an ego,but leader knows how to manage it. You might take wrong decisions or your right decision might prove effective. In neither case you should let your ego come in between you and your followers.

6. Creativity and Innovation:

As Steve Jobs suggested,” Innovation distinguished between a leader and a follower”. You should have exclusive ideas and to develop creativity you should read as many books and search sources that can give you enough ideas. In any terms you must have enough ideas for innovation or strategic handling of difficulties.

7. Be decisive:

Never second guess your decisions in commiting stringent actions for your goal. You might want to revert your decisions while being doubted by others,but that’s the point you should put your head up and be stubborn to walk the path alone.

8. Find a mentor:

To achieve your goals you need expert advices from people who have already walked your road and has reached the top. Their experience might help you overcome any difficulties in your way to success. Trust me there are people out there to help you out.

Leadership Styles: hi

If you’re up to a start up or are already in business,these leadership styles can help you become an effective leader. Apart from ‘Release Paradigm Leadership’ which is releasing potential of employees for them to perform better; and, ‘Control Paradigm Leadership’ where employees are spared of any independence in work, there are other leadership ideas which can provide maximum efficiency from employees.

1. Structural:

In this case everyone knows what needs to be done,quick decisions are made and rewards are given for efficiency. Use this style when your team is already motivated and are experts,thus need little direction.

2. Participative:

You make your team feel that you really care about them by putting them first. You practise bonding with them,boosting morale so they can come up with fresh ideas. Use this style during stressful times or when trust needs to be built and maintained. Although excessively relying on praise can result to mediocre performance.

3. Servant:

You see your job as a means to serve your team. You manage other people the way you want to be managed. You ensure that everyone understands their job and has all the tools ready. You invest in learning, training, improvement of employees. Use this style for a diverse team,where personalized management is required for each member. You need to maintain balance to avoid losing authority on team.

4. Freedom:

You give your employees freedom to perform and only intervene to give them clear picture of goal. Use this style when the employees have tremendous expertize and don’t require a lot of supervision. Don’t use it for team who are better experts than you or needs supervision. This may then lead to poor production.

5. Transformational:

You affect people’s emotions by creating an exciting picture of future. They are intertwined with the organization through same goals,hopes,ideals and dreams. This style enhances productivity through communication and tapping emotions. This also includes your excitement and commitment as a leader. You need to focus on building personal strengths that make your teammates feel connected thus become more successful in achieving goals.

How to speak like a leader?

To be an effective leader,you need verbal discipline. You need to explain complex trade – offs, demonstrate resolving ideas in the face of adversity.

  • You should never use vague language. Be specific,concrete and evocative when talking about goals.
  • Make others feel you can do anything and you’re pretty confident about your goals.
  • Use language that can emotionally attach a lot of people. Use archetypal metaphors.
  • Create an enemy or antithesis against your company when you want to boost your employees to work harder. They feel that their survival is at stake and they’re incredibly fired up.

Always remember you should work for something that serves the humanity,only then will you feel yourself to have become a leader.

No success or achievement in material terms is worthwhile unless it serves the needs or interests of the country and its people and is achieved by fair and honest means.

-JRD Tata

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