20 Habits for Lifetime

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence,then,is not an act,but a habit.


Success doesn’t happen in an instance. It happens through the progression of numerous little successes, strengthened together over time. If you have dreams,vision and a clearly defined end goal,you need to implement certain habits that will allow the end goal to manifest itself.

Even though there are many ways to implement habits,I found following mini habit the easiest way to incorporate any habit. In most of the cases we don’t get anything done because we expect too much of ourselves. Let’s understand this. Suppose you want to implement a reading habit and you decide to read for 1 hour everyday. Now,in your busy days,you might find it difficult to manage an hour and decide to skip reading that day. The other day you somehow manage to read for an hour. This creates a mental satisfaction and then again another day you just skip reading since you know you’ll manage it another day. Therefore there is lack of productivity and also it becomes impossible to make book reading a habit. You need to maintain regularity to build up any habit.

Therefore to make any habit a part of your daily life,have low expectations from yourself and set small goals. This will help you to get out of your mental rut and commit to do the work every single day without failing. You’ll be able to do everything over a longer period of time and you can choose to spend some more time into it if you want to. So if you are currently procrastinating on studying,it’s not possible for you to study for 1 hour. Start with convincing yourself to sit for 5 minutes only and the chances are you’ll study more than 5 minutes and that’s better than studying nothing. Too much commitment can demotivate procrastinators.

At the same time,keep in mind that it’s better to implement one habit at a time. It’s helpful to set little manageable goals at a time. Committing to changing our behavior on a daily basis can be stressful but setting mini goals and targeting one goal at a time can help you implement the habit faster.

1. Set Goals & Track them:

You need to find what you really want from your life. It’s not possible to move forward without a clear target. If you don’t know where you’re going,you’ll end up at some place you didn’t want to be. Setting goals is directly proportional to seeking success. When you know your ‘Why’ and the end goal,it becomes easier to break down exactly what is required to get there. Your reason for doing what you must do need to be strong enough to keep you going when you hit the roadblocks. Also start tracking your achievement of goals. You’ll see how much you over-promise and under-deliver and find out what’s need to be done to fix them. This should be your priority if you intend to change the track of your life.

2. Follow Your Passion:

Following your passion sounds easy,yet you might still not be convinced enough to choose passion over financial freedom. You might not want to start your career all over again. But following the rat race and doing things that you hate just for money I torture. Even if you need to suffer doing something you don’t like to get a life you love,do that while not losing sight of your ultimate purpose. You can always turn your passion into profession. Even if you’re taking a pay cut,it’ll be worth it. Doing what you love everyday can give you the success that you could’ve never achieved otherwise.

Find your true passion and achieve maximum success in life.

3. Read a lot:

Now this might sound cliche but I can never stress enough how helpful reading books can be. Almost 80% of billionaires are avid readers. They spend most of their time reading so that they can accumulate knowledge for betterment of themselves. Reading books can help you become calm,confident, knowledgeable and even an orator. The more you learn,the more you earn both financially and spiritually.

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4. Work Harder and Longer:

No matter how much they tell you to work smarter,nothing can beat the effect of working smarter for long hours. If you work for 40 hours/week like all other average people,you might be able to earn money but that won’t help you achieve massive success. The hours spent beyond 40 hours will decide how successful you’ll become. The billionaires work for atleast 59 hours/week. This can even extend to 70-80 hours/week. Billionaire Elon Musk believes if he can double his effort or working hours,he can achieve anything 2x faster than anyone else. He invests an astonishing 80-120 hours per week in his work. Therefore when these people want to take a month’s vacation,it doesn’t affect their work.

5. Manage your time well:

Billionaires and all successful people are extremely cautious of spending their time effectively. They know how much value each second can add to their life. In this era of technology,time is the currency. You must know how to manage your time well by prioritizing the big payoffs and most rewarding tasks first. Leave the insignificant ones to conduct later. This will help you find time for yourself and yiur relationships while achieving your work goals.

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6. Dream Big:

Dreaming big motivates you to work harder. Atleast 60% people don’t even dare to dream about achieving something great. That’s their primary failure. This restricts your vision to hit the top. To do away with limitations in your dream,imagine your futureself 5 years from now. Imagine how perfect it will be in all aspect. The ideal job,the money you’ll want to have, lifestyle,partner etc. everything should be vivifly imagined. The clear the imagination,the faster the chances of achieving the dream.

7. Get around Right People & nurture relationships :

Surround yourself with people who represent what you ultimately want to become. Take a look at the people around you. Avoid anyone who doesn’t add value and positivity to your life. Check in with people of different ages. 85% of life’s happiness depends on the quality of relationship you share with the people around you. The better the relationship,higher the chances of success. Although success is possible even without having many relationships,knowing people is always advantageous to reach goals faster. Some people can be very helpful and inspiring to proceed in life. Make time for your close friends. You could have all the money in the world,but if you traded your friends to get there,you won’t be happy. Have a ‘Go giver’ approach rather than a ‘Go getter’ one. Be a good listener and be compassionate. Don’t monopolize conversation or fake fake attention. When you’re ready to give people and add value to their lives without expecting anything in return,you become acceptable to people.

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8. Practice Honesty:

Your success in life depends upon the number of people who trust or have faith in you. To achieve trust tell the truth and always maintain integrity. Imagine how you’d act if you know everyone is watching your activities and are implementing them in their lives. You’d want yourself to be projected as an honest person. Therefore try to practice honesty in your life.

9. Self-discipline & Self-development:

Choose what you’d want to do when you’re alone at home – choose entertainment or choose to sharpen your skills? Your answer will determine your future. The more you invest in yourself and develop self discipline,the higher the chances of you to be successful. Self discipline requires staying true to the promises you’ve made to yourself. This can range from healthy eating habits,meditation to exercises and like. It becomes easier to follow a disciplined life when you have a clear end goal and meaningful purpose,which is much more important than meaningless distractions. And when you practise self discipline you start finding new ways to invest in self development. Consider that there is always some space for you to grow and expand your vision. Be open to learning through mentors,audiobooks,seminars, communication and like.

10. Manage Finances:

Focus on saving atleast 30% of your money. If it’s too hard,save some amount of money from your daily expenses. For example,if you are left with $12 after spending,save $2 for that day and make your expenditure in a round figure(i.e.: $10,$20,$50…). Don’t spend on unnecessary things and clothes. Clothes come up with too many choices to make a decision. Try eliminating such anxiety and save money. You should also track where you’re spending most of your money in.

11. Wake up early:

Most of the successful people wake up before 6 AM. In between 4-6 AM your brain works most efficiently,so if you want to achieve most in less time,feel energetic,be productive,find time for yourself and have a competitive edge over others,you should better wake up as early as possible. To wake up early without any alarm clock,you must have a goal of a passion to motivate you. Creating a strong morning routine and a complementary evening routine nourishes your brain and makes you active and ambitious.

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12. Take Risks:

If you don’t buy a ticket,you can’t win the raffle. You can’t achieve big rewards without taking any risks. Some people won’t ever take any risks for the fear of failure. However,the greater the failure,more the chances to learn. Successful people prefer failing to regretting for never taking a chance. Risk for going for the life you want or guarantee living in one you don’t want.

13. Possess a winning mentality:

Everyone who wants to live the dream life,will suffer through failure. Many might lose everything. Most people quit. The greatest character is formed in adversity. Deal with whatever life throws at you,dodge it, smash through it. Winners do whatever is required to find a way to win or reach goals. As Jim Rohn rightly said,” Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don’t wish it were easier,wish you were better.”

14. Take Responsibility:

Take responsibility for your condition and actions,your success and failures. Don’t blame your time, situation, economic condition or other people for the misery you go through. Don’t play a victim role. Learn and move on. Because when you take responsibilities,you get a chance to identify your mistakes and thus rectify it. This is the pathway to your growth in future.

15. Keep a Gratitude Journal:

Journal everyday about things that made you happy that day. Look at your life and find things,people and events to be grateful for. Write atleast a sentence. This will help you being sane and staying grounded. Without a positive attitude in life,you can hardly achieve what you desire.

16. The 80/20 Principle:

In other name,the Pareto Principle,suggests 80% of your success comes from 20% tasks or efforts. According to a Harvard Business Review almost everything we do is unimportant. We are mostly distracted and inattentive. Therefore identify the important 20% that gives you multitude of success. This 29% is often referred to as the law of vital few. Avoid the last 80% that don’t add any value in your life.

17. Go for a Social Media Detox:

Avoid social media or deactivate all of your social media accounts for few days. Notice how you feel. Chances are your mind will declutter,you will be able to focus on your life and self development,find more time for your passion and relaxation,will be less anxious….so on and so forth. And once you quit social media,it’ll be hard for you to choose your inner calmness to be distracted by unimportant and filthy news in social media.

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18. Learn to Single task:

Only 2% people in the world can multitask successfully. Constant juggling limits focus and contributes to mental clutter. Multitasking makes it difficult for your brain to filter out irrelevant information. According to a Stanford research, multitasking lowers efficiency and impairs your cognitive control. Therefore learn to finish one task at a time.

19. Teach:

Pass on the knowledge you have already gained. This will not only strengthen your memory related to the knowledge but also will contribute to the poor children who can’t afford to pay for gaining such knowledge. There is no better way to give back to the society.

20. Travel often:

Travelling may seem to be mere expense,yet it’s worth spending the money. The knowledge and experiences you gain from travelling in unknown places can help you become way more confident. You learn from different people and apply those to uplift your life. Start travelling now if you want to know yourself better.

So,these are the top 20 habits,that can help you climb the success ladder and enlist you in the rare 2% successful people. Stick to these habits for long term results and to observe change in your life pattern. Design your environment. Always remember that “You can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets.”

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