The Ultimate Bucket List : 85 Experiences You Must Have Before You Die

I am not afraid of dying,I am afraid I haven’t been alive enough.

Mr. Nobody(Movie)

Most of us lead a boring life even without knowing certain excitements and fulfillments that life can offer. Not everyone is a billionaire who can afford visiting exotic places,therefore I’m not going to lay down a travel plan rather I’m gonna put up a list of experiences you must have before you die. Since,new year is near,list down the experiences you want to have this year or tick off the ones you’ve already had. Life moves pretty fast and if you don’t stop to look around once in a while,you can miss it.

1. Go on a road trip(preferably in Ladakh) with like-minded people.

2. Visit all seven continents.

3. Sleep under the stars.

4. Watch all movies from IMDB’s Top 100 Films list.

5. Read all books recommended by BBC’s Top 100 books list.

6. Live in a different country. This experience differs immensely from that of travelling. You’ll have to cope up with the new culture and make a living out of it.

7. Make something from scratch. This can be your own business or even a robot inspired from the book you have recently read! You never know your capacity until you try something new.

8. Conquer a fear. Try once to feel liberated.

9. Learn a foreign language. This not only works on strengthening your memory but also builds confidence and keeps you at advantage while visiting foreign country.

10. Donate your hair for cancer. Destroy the traditional conventions of beauty especially if you’re a woman.

11. Disconnect for a week from internet,phone,TV and all the burden of modern technology. Avoid the temptation and set free from mental clutter.

12. Take part in marathon or half marathon. The energy and experience will be unmatched.

13. Go to a major sports event. Be it Olympic,World Cup or Wimbledon matches,the cheer from the gallery and overwhelming crowd will definitely leave you speechless.

14. Eat something you wouldn’t usually- ranging from vegetables to insects and every other food you consider gross. It will be fun.

15. Attend a music concert.

16. Volunteer for a social cause or help people in dire need.

17. If possible take responsibilities of someone’s education.

18. Learn a new skill especially something that you think you’re terrible at.

19. Adopt a rescue pet rather than buying an expensive one.

20. Host a party and take responsibilities of everything from food to music,ambience etc. You’ll be overwhelmed by your ability of event management.

21. Stay awake for 24 hours and observe your physical and emotional response to it.

22. Sleepover somewhere haunted or go for a ghost walk.

23. Climb a mountain,no matter how small it is.

24. Sleep on the beach. Camping by the sea and watching the sunrise over it is an out-of-the-world feeling.

25. Pilot an aircraft. You can find coupons online to achieve these through a single flying lesson.

26. Swim in the ocean.(I’m already getting goosebumps!)

27. Donate blood.

28. Protest something. Fighting for something you truly care about is an amazing feeling.

29. Jump off a cliff.

30. Ride a horse.

31. Swim under a waterfall.

32. Go camping (my favourite).

33. Write a book.

34. Learn to skateboard.

35. See the northern lights in person (save money if you need to).

36. Go for paragliding.

37. Participate in snowboarding in the mountains.

38. Join a NGO and offer skills for the good of the distraught.

39. Participate in Karaoke.

40. Leave a note for a stranger. The note should be nice and uplifting to brighten one’s day.

41. Watch a meteor shower.

42. Spend a night in a tree house.

43. Dance in the rain.

44. Experience zero gravity.

45. Eat in an underwater restaurant.

46. Make a snow angel.

47. Let go of a floating lantern.

48. Feel great in a swimsuit.

49. Ride an elephant.

50. Stand under the Hollywood sign.

51. Go on a hot air balloon ride.

52. Take a photo everyday for a year.

53. Break a Guinness world record.

54. Helicopter ride over a volcano.

55. Send a message in a bottle.

56. Bury a time capsule and open it. It’s a fantastic opportunity to reflect and see how much your life has positively changed since you buried it. Also leave time capsules for other people as well.

57. Research your family tree to be overwhelmed by unconventional information.

58. Cage dive with great white sharks.

59. Finish a book in one sitting.

60. Decide if God exists or not,for once and for all.

61. Dramatically change something about your appearance (hairstyle, clothing choices,etc.).

62. Say ‘Yes’ to everything for 24 hours.

63. Dance in your or other’s wedding.

64. Take any random bus/train and follow the route.

65. Name a star.

66. Swim with and kiss a dolphin.

67. Fly in a private jet.

68. Meet the person you admire the most(idol).

69. Do something awkward and fun in public.

70. Sing your favourite song at the top of your lunges (even if you’re terrible at singing).

71. Swing on the edge of the world in Ecuador.

72. Add a lock to the Pont Des Arts Bridge in Paris.

73. Ride a gondola.

74. Go on a wild safari.

75. Experience a terrifying ride in an amusement park.

76. Swim with the coral reefs.

77. Learn the sign language of the deaf and Braille system of the blind.

78. Learn to play any musical instrument.

79. Learn to play any outdoor and indoor sports.

80. Spend time with yourself to know yourself better and gain confidence.

81. Spend time with your family to learn cooperation and be sympathetic and care for others.

82. Grow your own vegetables,fruits and flower.

83. Learn how to cook your own signature dish that will leave your friends and family impressed.

84. Try bungee jumping or parachuting.

85. Gift your family with your money.

So those were the experiences that I will definitely want to go through. Don’t die before you actually die. Go through new experiences and outgrow your current self. So,which one of the list did you find exciting? Have you already planned which of these you’re gonna experience in new year? Do let me know. Also suggest if there is something more exciting that can be added to this list.

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