How to Plan Your Year Ahead

Since,a new decade is about to start,it’s the best time to plan your year ahead. Planning your year is always a better way to achieve small goals all through the year which eventually adds up to a huge achievement at the end of the year. With the help of the plan you will be able to –

  • Take control of your life.
  • Get clear on your demand from life and specifically focus on that.
  • Keep track of your actions towards your goal.
  • Increase the chances of achieving goals,which would go unnoticed if were not documented.
  • Identify unique support systems to help you get through the hurdles and succeed.

So below are the ways you can come up with a plan that will help you stay integrated and guide you to utilise your maximum potential.

1. Do a Year-end Review:

Before you start to plan for a new year, you need to be at peace with your desires, experiences and achievements in the previous year. You need to let go of the old,capture your learnings and forgive your mistakes.

  • List your successes and achievements of the previous year. What are you proud of?
  • List down your learnings and how you can apply it in your life.
  • Identify who you need to forgive in previous year. Find out reasons for forgiving yourself as well. Stop beating yourself up for the misconducts and take responsible actions.
  • List down experiences and opportunities of previous year,which you’re grateful for.
  • Provide the vital clues and insights into what you need to focus on and can transform.
  • Make space for new dreams.

2. Brainstorm your goals for this year:

Which goals or habits should I add in my yearly journal?

Grab a journal and allow your mind to focus on things you’d want to achieve this year. Get in touch with your unique self. Realise your life needs a change. Ask yourself,who you are when nobody is looking. If you’re new in the self development journey and not sure which goals you should start with,you can try changing your daily habits.

3. Set your Goals for each aspect of your life:

Create goals in each category of your life. You can choose any or every from the list below.

  • Business
  • Money
  • Relationships
  • Personal Growth
  • Health
  • Entertainment

You don’t be numerous goals for each category. Yet you need well thought through goals after a careful analysis of the areas you lack focus the most. Brainstorm all these goals and then prioritize the goals to be achieved this year. Most people overestimate what can be achieved in a year and underestimate what can be achieved in 3 years. Have 3,5 and 10 year plans to pick goals to focus on this year.

Rate on a score of 1- 10 about your satisfaction with each aspect in life. The highest scorer can be left to be touched upon later. The lowest scores indicate the areas you need to be most attentive to. Irrespective of having goals in all categories,goals can be both high growth and low growth depending on a given year. Use your intuition and experience to set appropriate goals. It’s always better to know where you’re headed even if you’re not able to meet all your goals.

Along with this you can focus your year on a specific theme. You can pick 1-3 words that represent the key idea of your focus on this year. Example: Love, inspire etc. If you look at your goals and identify the fields that’s being stressed upon the most,it will be easier to label them with key words.

4. Write down your Goals:

Writing down your goals creates a false impression of already achieving your dreams. It emphasizes and speeds up the process of manifestation of your dreams. Write down your goals as if you’ve already achieved it. ” I am so excited to be admitted in my dream school. I am proud of myself and delighted to make my parents proud. I love celebrating this achievement with my parents and friends. I had an enthralling trip to Europe on the occasion of this achievement. I have also established a successful business and get amazing feedback from the customers.”

Decide where you’re going to put down your goals. You can put it in your journal. You can also use spreadsheet for tracking your finances. I will also suggest creating virtual or real vision board where you’ll see motivating images of what it looks like and feels like to have accomplished your goals. You can create real vision board using paper cuttings, photographs, quotes from magazines. Or you can create virtual vision board on Pinterest.

5. Create a Financial Plan:

Create a personal financial spreadsheet to track your personal outgoings and expenses. This will give you an idea of controlling your finances and save more. You will become much more financially independent. You can use a business calculator with projection for sales and revenue for the year.

  • Get a clarity about overall income goal for the year and play around with ideas for reaching that financial goal.
  • Track all your accounts each week and enter the balances into a spreadsheet.
  • Don’t be overwhelmed and find professional support in managing your finances.

6. Review your Support System:

When you meet the right coach,(s)he can help you accelerate results. You will achieve goals sooner and with ease. Invest in your success to level up the support in your life. Make a list of expertise you need to reach your goals. Ask yourself what extra support you’ll need to guarantee your success. Analyse if you need mental help to get over your fear if failing and limiting beliefs.

  • You can seek domestic help to unburden yourself from unnecessary tasks that don’t add up to your self development.
  • You can also delegate tasks as much as possible.
  • You can also take help from an electric system for storing and tracking your expenses and hire a book keeper to do your accounts.

7. Create a new daily routine:

Review your daily routine and identify things you aim to do consistently everyday. Pick one small task to conduct daily for a month and then another task in second month. Eventually within a year you’ll be able to follow a consistent routine.

Here’s how you can stick to your new daily routine.

8. Take action:

Once you have the clarity and vision about your goals,you should start manifesting. Clear the blocks and fears that don’t let you manifest your goals successfully. You will feel more energetic towards reaching out for maximum achievement.

Lastly,try to be present in each moment. No matter how small the goal is,giving your full attention can turn over the results. You need to be mindful to achieve any goal or atleast to walk in the pathway of achieving them. So all of these tips can help you plan this new year. But to achieve yearly goals,it’s always better to start off with daily, weekly or monthly plans. Hopefully you’ll have a great year ahead and reach all your goals at the very end of this year.

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