Easiest ways to improve your General Knowledge

Be it competitive exams or communication purposes,the need to improve your general knowledge is inevitable in daily life. Without proper general knowledge about current affairs or static subjects,you won’t be able to feel confident enough to face a group of knowledgeable people. Your success will be limited. Also,there will be huge difference in merit and score in competitive examinations which require an essential test of your general knowledge. Therefore,it’s always better to put yourself in advantage of greater information. You can strategize the way you want to start off with developing your general knowledge.

In any examination or quiz competition or for personal development,you can categorize general knowledge in two parts: Current affairs and Static GK. Current affairs covers a vast topic ranging from international news, Government and politics, business and economics, technology etc. While static GK covers history, geography,general science,books and authors.

Preparation techniques for competitive exams:

Firstly you need to find your purpose of studying GK. If it’s for cracking entrance exams,you should consider going through past test papers. Check GK questions carefully and understand the pattern and marks allotted to each category of GK. In any exam GK covers subjects like Polity, Geography,History,Biology,Science,Economics and Current Affairs. I will suggest going through websites like ClearIAS.com, cleariasexam.com,mrunal.org,insightsonindia.com for deep insight and doubt clearing on each topic. You can study(for Indian exams) each topic in following manners.

  1. For Polity you can consult with the Arihant GK book by Manohar Panday or any ncert books for Indian exams and other books that are available in your country.
  2. For Geography ncert books of class 6,7 and 9 will be enough for detailed idea. Also you can consult Arihant books by Manohar Panday. Always keep an Oxford School Atlas for better retention of information.
  3. History requires a good background story for each event to be remembered properly. It is better not to start with ancient history. Rather start with modern history from war of independence or 1857 to 1947. After that come to medieval history and go through the names of rulers and detailed information only about famous Vijaynagar and Bahmani kingdom. You should create a timeline to remember the timings and chronology of each event. You can consult class 6,7,8 ncert books.
  4. Biology will be best understood if you consult animated videos to provide working of our organs and other information. Class 9 ncert books are best buys for this.
  5. It’s better not to invest much time in physics and chemistry if you don’t have a strong background in these. Read the class 10 ncert book for insight.
  6. Economics can also be avoided if you don’t have much time to prepare for the exam. You can only go through the names,functions and head quarters of world organizations and banks. You can study the policies of national or international banks.
  7. You don’t need to go through daily current affairs because there are a lot of redundant information in even highly informative newspapers. It can waste a lot of time if you don’t have filtering abilities. It’s always better to follow weekly or monthly news updates by free online study resources for precise information relevant to examinations.

General Knowledge for Self development:

1. Read Newspapers:

Categorise news in three parts: Interesting,Famous and Relevant. Start with relevant news and gradually move on to interesting and famous news. Identify the relative importance of broad topics and proportionate time in each topic.

2. Watch Television:

Watch TV series which are even obscure. Get used to different language, cultures. Watch informative channels like CNN,BBC and their news bulletins. You can also watch Discovery,National Geographic,History channels for genuine and in depth information on variety of topics.

3. Visit GK websites:

You can always get genuine and faithful information from Britannic, Encyclopedia,History(website by History channel). InstaNerd.Me offers short information about a particular topic and an option to get a deeper insight of the same topic if clicked a particular link. Wikipedia is also a trusted website regardless of the myth that it can be edited by anyone. ‘Academic Kids’ is a website for general knowledge for young child.

4. Watch YouTube:

You can always tune in to TED-Ed talks. They provide information on almost every topic in the world. The videos are made by a group of 15 professional educators who are proficient in general knowledge. You can also watch videos by vsource,crashcourse, oversimplified etc.,those who take complex information and simplify for understanding.

5. Install GK Apps:

For being updated with the latest info and easy access to those, you can always install some reliable mobile apps. Try apps like Encyclopedia by Farlex,General Knowledge – World GK, General knowledge (2020 or the current year), History channel documentaries (free and paid version) etc.

6. Read books:

Read text books,novels, non-fictions,covers of shampoo,advertisements and almost everything to expand your horizon. Apart from that since there’s a high chance of forgetting necessary information in the myriad information,reading books might seem a futile venture. Yet books can develop a sustainable knowledge with a greater perspective. Books like Manorama Year book,Mathrubhumi Year Book,Limca Book of Records, Encyclopedia Britannica (e-book available) can be of great help to develop an extensive knowledge on almost any topic. You can also listen to audiobooks on the go,if you’re not an avid reader.

Don’t like reading books? Here’s how you can easily develop a reading habit.

7. Participate in Quiz contests:

Try attending and participating in numerous quiz contests,puzzles,trivia etc. You can also participate in online quiz competitions and win cash prizes and certificate of participation.

8. Register for online courses:

If you think you lack the understanding of a particular subject,you can sign up for MOOCs or online courses. Online Courses provide understandable video courses which will surely clear your doubts on certain topics and develop a general understanding of the subject.

9. Play and Follow Games:

Follow sports and know the players more than they know themselves. Research about the game,it’s rules,famous moments,origin etc. It will be fruitful if you experience them by yourself from playing or watching from gallary.

10. Hang around smarter people:

You can come across various topics and opinions when you meet people who are knowledgeable. Communication is the best way to develop your general knowledge. Moreover to be accepted in a group you would want to know more to contribute more and earn reputation. This stimulates your yearning to know more.

11. Stay inquisitive:

To develop general knowledge you must have the thirst to know more. Search for quality analysis of a subject. Don’t be shy to ask questions. Hone your curiosity and don’t move on until your quest on a particular topic is fulfilled. Make all your other habits more education or learning focused.

To conclude,make developing general knowledge a lifestyle. Seek knowledge I everything you do. Go to exhibition,talk to people and learn about their journey and story,listen to podcasts,watch documentaries and anything and everything. Be passionate and don’t give up. This is not an overnight exercise;you need years of practice and effort to develop command over general knowledge.

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