Things You Must Do in Your 20’s

20s is the most significant decade of our lifecycle. We lose the essence of childhood in the rush of choosing an ideal career, getting into a job,earning enough money to take over responsibilities,choose our life partner and what not. We are so much into following the norms and shaping up our lives as early as possible,that we hardly ever get a chance to introspect our activities. So,if you’re in your 20’s,here is a list of things to remind you about the things you’re missing out and must take care of.

1. Take Care of Your Mental Health:

It’s true that you have to take care of a lot of things and sometimes they really get over head. You will definitely feel the stress and might want to give up on your goals. Therefore,this is the ideal time to look after your mental health as well. You should seek haven to meditation,deep breathing exercises, gratitude journals and like to declutter your mind. Reserve a significant amount of time every day or week to mark the habits or activities or people that is affecting you. Chalk out how you can get over them and can create a better mental health routine. You should not take your mental health for granted and just let every unnecessary events of your life to affect you effortlessly. Cut down the people and associations that weigh you down. Don’t let the trivialities take hold on to the mind.

2. Chase your Dream Job:

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In your 20s you are in a hurry to get into any job since your friends are already financially stabilized. But get this straight- not every job offer is an opportunity and you should carefully analyse which job is going to lead you to the path of your ultimate goal. Take your time after graduation. Identify your skills or develop one and look for the job that you’re confident about. While there might be financial crisis,you can develop a skill that is sellable and simultaneously work towards your goal. If you want to start a business,this is the best time to do so. Don’t think you’re too young since different ages have their own advantages. 20s is the best time to take risks in your career since there are less responsibilities. While you’re aging,you might face a lot of inner and outer resistance which will bury your dreams forever. So start chasing your dreams now!

3. Travel:

Most often people wait for their retirement and their bank balance to be sufficient to plan for travelling. But are you sure you’ll be able to live that long or be physically fit to cover all those heavenly destinations? Therefore,start now. You should enrich yourself with all those wild experiences and mixture of culture to boost your confidence and broaden your horizon. You might even opt for travelling alone,you will develop communication skills and ability to tackle any adverse situation. Life is fully lived when you get out of your comfort zone.

4. Make Time for your Friends:

You will find it quite difficult to keep up with your relationships. The struggle is real since you have to take care of numerous things. Mostly you’ll find your friends busy in their new job. This should not fool you to wait for them to get in touch with you. Friendships are important. No matter how busy you become you need the guidance and assurance of the people who want the very best for you. When you grow up true bondings become rarer and you really struggle to find someone to depend upon. Money can be earned but damaged relationships rarely get their old glow. Thus,start calling your friends,meet them,fix a travel plan with them,help them and get in touch with them whenever possible. Time spent for nurturing friendships is never a waste.

5. Live on Your Own:

In your 20s you must not rely upon your parent’s money and rather help them with your money. You should be responsible for your life. You should start paying your bills,take loans which are to be paid by you. You should make sure in any way possible,that you are not depending on your parents and being a burden to them. They have guided you enough and now it’s your duty to make them feel relieved.

6. Love Yourself:

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Now in your 20s you’ll struggle the most in your relationships. You’ll seek attention and your confidence will be derived from other’s validation. Therefore it’s necessary that you identify the need to fulfill yourself to be giving in a relationship. You should be aware that you know your priorities,you are capable of identifying if your energy is being wasted in a relationship. Therefore,spend time with yourself and take care of yourself. Only when you radiate positive energy,you will attract positive people and develop healthy relationships.

7. Buy that thing You’ve always Longed For:

We all have childhood fantasies. Don’t die with regrets of not acquiring things you’ve dreamt of. If you’ve ever wanted to buy that branded shoe,visit that exotic place,eat breakfast at that seven star hotel,this is the perfect time to do so. Don’t hesitate to spend the money since in future you might be burdened with too many responsibilities to ever buy those things.

8. Ask Questions:

Ask questions and clear your doubts. This is the best time to acquire as much knowledge as you can. So don’t be embarrassed to ask questions about things you don’t know. You might discover interesting topics and explanations that might help you somewhere in future. Question yourself about the piece you just read,the context of it,the thought of the author,so on and so forth. Only when you ask questions you broaden your opportunities.

9. Look After Yourself:

Take a look at your mental and physical health. Are you content with what you’ve been? If not,start exercising and follow a proper diet. Taking proper care of your health will not only help you to become fit,but help improving your work-life balance all-over. On the other hand, taking care of your mental health through meditation will help you get a better perspective of life and organise your life better.

10. Eat whatever you like:

Now this might seem to be contradicting the above mentioned point,but you can actually balance healthy diet while eating food you love. When we age we are to confront several health issues and thus we have to avoid a lot of food for the sake of staying healthy. So keep a cheat day on your diet chart to eat the delicious foods you’ve always craved for. Don’t miss out on various cuisines and try everything out while you’re still young.

11. Get Rid of Negative People:

If you want to find mental peace and concentrate on your goal,cut off people who weigh you down. Unburden yourself from people who demotivate you in any and every way possible. You deserve to surround yourself with people who will guide and support you and your dreams and stand by you. Be very choosy while selecting your acquaintances in your youth,since you will become the person you’ll surround yourself with.

12. Save Money:

You will be astonished by the amount of money you could acquired if only you’d have spent a little less when you were young. You might not realize that those money could be spent in necessary insurances or investments or you could even pay off your student loans gradually. Moreover,you’ll need more money as you age. You might need it for a new house or your child’s education and other daily necessities. So if you save a considerate amount of money in your 20s you might lead the rest of your life with more relaxation.

13. Don’t be afraid to change directions:

Never hesitate to change directions when you feel like it. Be it a job or the goal you had set,you might come up with considerable reasons to redefine your directions. In such situations don’t be afraid to walk the new path. You never know,you might confront a better life.

14. Forgive Yourself:

Accept your past mistakes and move on. You should stop being hard on yourself since all those negative thoughts will further disrupt you from reaching your goals. Whatever you’ve mistaken can be replaced by enthusiasm and consistency towards your goals. You can change your destiny when you realize and learn from your mistakes. You’ve already wasted time and now stop wasting more by unnecessary regrets.

15. Learn:

Be very hungry to learn new things. Attend seminars,read autobiographies of famous people, participate in different projects,learn new languages,musical instrument and almost everything that you can’t perform and which can take you closer to your goals.

16. Take Risks:

Don’t be afraid to take risks. This is the best time to do so since you will get time to survive a failure and start all over again. Mostly,you’ll get exposure to new lessons from those failures which will help you make sound decisions regarding work or relationships in future.

17. Learn to say ‘No’:

There will be times when you’ll be forced to do something or attend an event which you might not want to be a part of. Start saying a firm no where it’s necessary. You’ll save a lot of energy and time and be able to spend those where necessary. Try prioritising and chalking out which plans or events won’t work for you and stay true to your commitments.

18. Master the Art of Communication:

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Communication skills are a must for anyone irrespective of his or her age. So,if you start working on it early on,you’ll reap the results faster. Try changing your body language,be precise when you want to express your thoughts. Through effective communication you can easily succeed in cracking that deal or earn respect.

19. Start your own Business:

Starting your business will help you become responsible. You’ll learn more things than ever in any job. You’ll be able to master communication skills,deal with different people,set goals, determine path to achieve them.. so on and so forth. Thus it’s always better to start a business at an early age since the risks are worth taking. You’ll get more time and opportunities to learn new things and apply them into business.

So,these are the tips that will definitely help you to get the most out of your 20s and prepare you for success.

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