How to Stop Procrastinating : 6 Tips

I know. We all are very creative to come up with excuses to satisfy our habit of procrastination. No wonder we mostly end up with an unfinished or haphazardly finished product with lesser value. But once you experience the feeling of fulfillment after finishing your task ahead of deadline you might never want to procrastinate again.

But how to stop procrastinating if you have been a chronic procrastinator? Here are the 6 tips to stop procrastinating right away. But before you delve into the tips you need to forgive yourself for your procrastinating habit in the past. Studies show, forgiving yourself makes it less likely to procrastinate in future.

1. List down goals:

Listing down your goal helps beating the habit of procrastination.

You’ll never complete your assignments if you don’t write them down and get a clear view of how much is needed to be done. I prefer writing down the tasks on paper but you can still use planner or calendar apps and keep track of your goals.

You can start off with goals which are not too simple or not too hard. Remember most of our tasks are not as difficult as we imagine them to be. If your goals are big and vague or difficult to achieve right away, you’ll end up shoving it off out of the fear of the end result. Small goals will make your goals look less intimidating and achievable and when they’re stacked up all together it will form a huge project.

Example: Instead of thinking I’ll study maths today,say, I’ll study chapter 5 which is ‘Integration’. Be specific.

2. Create a schedule:

Time yourself and create a schedule to achieve your goals in time.

Create a timeline and allot fixated time for each tasks. In most of the cases the tasks take longer than the time imagined. However, since the tasks have specific dates and small chunks of time,you’ll automatically be triggered to complete those. You will finish the tasks just because you’ll feel the urge to check those off.

3. Get rid of distractions:

Don’t let distractions help you justifying your procrastinating habit.

You need to identify the potentially disruptive elements. You can shut off your internet connection if it is not necessary in order for you to work. You can listen to white noise to do away with unnecessary noises. Or,you can simply go to the library. No matter what,our workplace can never be perfect,thus looking for one is a wastage of time. Yet,we can create an atmosphere to increase concentration by cleaning our workspace, wearing comfortable clothes,fulfilling our biological needs and optimising our workspace for the specific task we intend to start.

4. Use Pomodoro Technique:

Pomodoro technique is an effective way to come out of procrastination and get the work done

Set your timer for 25 minutes and take a 5 minutes break. This is kind of a mental breather. Mostly it is quite a stimulator since it is easy to start a work where you’ll get a 5 minutes break in every 25 minutes. Although within the first 25 minutes you’ll be accustomed and absorbed to the work. Thus you might hardly need that 5 minutes break. But it is always better to take some break after every 60 minutes. During the break you can walk,listen to music and do anything that gives you a feeling of relaxation.

5. Reward Yourself:

Rewards help us in being enthusiastic to finish off a task.

Reward yourself for every single goal you achieve. Set an incentive for a goal to be accomplished. For example, “I’ll visit my favourite place if I get admitted to X college.” or as simple as “I’ll watch this movie if I finish the essay.” This trick never fails.

6. Get the hardest task done:

When you finish off the hardest task,you overcome the fear. Thus every task after it seems easier and takes less time. If you push back the hardest one,you’ll never get it done.

Along with this tips,you must overcome some mental barriers as a chronic procrastinator. Stop telling yourself “I work better under pressure” and justifying your habit of procrastinating. Also don’t think that you’re not starting off because the work is boring. The truth is even the job you’re passionate about will have a boring aspect,so it is just you putting off your tasks. Also don’t be a perfectionist and try to produce a perfect job. It is an ego centric view and quite discouraging to start off with any work.

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