Things You Must Do in Your 20’s

20s is the most significant decade of our lifecycle. We lose the essence of childhood in the rush of choosing an ideal career, getting into a job,earning enough money to take over responsibilities,choose our life partner and what not. We are so much into following the norms and shaping up our lives as early asContinue reading “Things You Must Do in Your 20’s”

The Ultimate Bucket List : 85 Experiences You Must Have Before You Die

I am not afraid of dying,I am afraid I haven’t been alive enough. – Mr. Nobody(Movie) Most of us lead a boring life even without knowing certain excitements and fulfillments that life can offer. Not everyone is a billionaire who can afford visiting exotic places,therefore I’m not going to lay down a travel plan ratherContinue reading “The Ultimate Bucket List : 85 Experiences You Must Have Before You Die”

How to Love Yourself

“You yourself,as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” – Buddha We often undervalue the concept of self love and mistakenly associate it with selfishness. It’s only self love that shields our inner self. Therefore it’s necessary to understand what it really means by self love. 1. What is SelfContinue reading “How to Love Yourself”

How to Find True Passion

As explained by famed psychologist and researcher Robert Vallerand after his decade long dedication in the study of psychology of Passion: ” Passion is a strong inclination towards an activity that has these three qualities. 1.It is something we enjoy. 2.It is something we value. 3.It is something we can dedicate ourselves to. Now, althoughContinue reading “How to Find True Passion”

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