How to Master Reading Comprehension With Ease

Reading Comprehension is the ability to read text,process it and understand its meaning. But this is the part which most people struggle with. Any reading comprehension is just a main idea surrounded with supporting details. We need to understand the passage,formulate answer and eliminate tricky answer choices. Importance of Reading Comprehension: To master complex scientificContinue reading “How to Master Reading Comprehension With Ease”

Online Courses and Certificates : Are they worth spending time and money?

Now a days,we have access to almost any information at any place and due to the overflowing access to almost all of these,we take these for granted. Just take a moment and acknowledge how lucky we are to be the generation to get this opportunity which our forefathers had never got access to. In anyContinue reading “Online Courses and Certificates : Are they worth spending time and money?”

Are College Degrees Worth it? : Confronting Education System

The word Education is taken from the Latin word ‘Educe’ which means ‘to bring forth’. Education is to prepare you for doing your own taxes,purchasing a home, investments,building credits,getting a job and everything practical that cannot be learnt otherwise. Ideal Education: It should nurture our creative minds so that we can come up with practicalContinue reading “Are College Degrees Worth it? : Confronting Education System”

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