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How to Stop Procrastinating : 6 Tips

I know. We all are very creative to come up with excuses to satisfy our habit of procrastination. No wonder we mostly end up with an unfinished or haphazardly finished product with lesser value. But once you experience the feeling of fulfillment after finishing your task ahead of deadline you might never want to procrastinateContinue reading “How to Stop Procrastinating : 6 Tips”

How to Plan Your Year Ahead

Since,a new decade is about to start,it’s the best time to plan your year ahead. Planning your year is always a better way to achieve small goals all through the year which eventually adds up to a huge achievement at the end of the year. With the help of the plan you will be ableContinue reading “How to Plan Your Year Ahead”

How to stick to your New Year Resolution:

You don’t rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems – James Clear So again another year is coming to an end signifying start of a new year or to be precise,a decade. New year,new you,right? Well,not exactly so. Only 9.2 % of people ever achieve their newContinue reading “How to stick to your New Year Resolution:”

Increase Your Intelligence

How exciting would it be if you could extend your brain capacity? You might have learnt a lot of things which you think you’re not capable of, in little amount of time. You are not even aware of your 100 billion brain cells,each of which is connected to about 20,000 others. Can you imagine howContinue reading “Increase Your Intelligence”

Practical Approach to Time Management: How to Finish more Tasks in less Time

Isn’t it paradoxical that even in this era where we are moving faster than ever before,you find it quite difficult to catch up with goals? While the home delivery systems of almost any product seems to save your precious time,you still can’t manage time. Now there is no such thing as time management since weContinue reading “Practical Approach to Time Management: How to Finish more Tasks in less Time”

The Fallacy of Mediocrity

“All around you is an environment that is trying to pull you down to Second Class street.” David Schwartz in his book “The magic of Thinking Big” The word ‘Mediocre’ comes to English from the Middle French,which took it from a Latin word meaning “halfway up a mountain”(mediocris). Now being mediocre is considered being evenContinue reading “The Fallacy of Mediocrity”

How to develop a reading habit : 7 Tips for Beginners

Not each of you is a bookworm. There are times when you tend to avoid books because of the focus and time it requires. But deep inside you know you’re missing out the extensive knowledge. It’s really not possible to get the taste of a book in a YouTube video because a book sometimes takesContinue reading “How to develop a reading habit : 7 Tips for Beginners”

How to Wake up at 4 AM Everyday : 6 tips

4 AM to 5 AM is considered as early morning or ‘Brahma Muhurta’ when Gods and Goddesses are believed to come closer to earth and hence the best hour for knowledge and longevity. We often wonder how most of the successful people or billionaires make it a point to wake up at 4 AM everyContinue reading “How to Wake up at 4 AM Everyday : 6 tips”

Social Media Detox: Is it Helpful?

So,it’s been 3 years since I decided to quit social media. And I must admit there has been some dramatic changes in my life after that decision.Apart from some minor issues like missing a social event,I have really not missed anything that could possibly add value in my life in these 3 long years!Now youContinue reading “Social Media Detox: Is it Helpful?”

How to Find True Passion

As explained by famed psychologist and researcher Robert Vallerand after his decade long dedication in the study of psychology of Passion: ” Passion is a strong inclination towards an activity that has these three qualities. 1.It is something we enjoy. 2.It is something we value. 3.It is something we can dedicate ourselves to. Now, althoughContinue reading “How to Find True Passion”