Easiest ways to improve your General Knowledge

Be it competitive exams or communication purposes,the need to improve your general knowledge is inevitable in daily life. Without proper general knowledge about current affairs or static subjects,you won’t be able to feel confident enough to face a group of knowledgeable people. Your success will be limited. Also,there will be huge difference in merit andContinue reading “Easiest ways to improve your General Knowledge”

How to Plan Your Year Ahead

Since,a new decade is about to start,it’s the best time to plan your year ahead. Planning your year is always a better way to achieve small goals all through the year which eventually adds up to a huge achievement at the end of the year. With the help of the plan you will be ableContinue reading “How to Plan Your Year Ahead”

How to stick to your New Year Resolution:

You don’t rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems – James Clear So again another year is coming to an end signifying start of a new year or to be precise,a decade. New year,new you,right? Well,not exactly so. Only 9.2 % of people ever achieve their newContinue reading “How to stick to your New Year Resolution:”

The Ultimate Bucket List : 85 Experiences You Must Have Before You Die

I am not afraid of dying,I am afraid I haven’t been alive enough. – Mr. Nobody(Movie) Most of us lead a boring life even without knowing certain excitements and fulfillments that life can offer. Not everyone is a billionaire who can afford visiting exotic places,therefore I’m not going to lay down a travel plan ratherContinue reading “The Ultimate Bucket List : 85 Experiences You Must Have Before You Die”

20 Habits for Lifetime

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence,then,is not an act,but a habit. –Aristotle Success doesn’t happen in an instance. It happens through the progression of numerous little successes, strengthened together over time. If you have dreams,vision and a clearly defined end goal,you need to implement certain habits that will allow the end goal to manifestContinue reading “20 Habits for Lifetime”

How to Start a Business With No Money

So you’ve decided to start a business and probably give up on your job. But before that let’s just go through some quick facts: Although 80% people want to start their own businesses,almost 90% people fail among them. The main reason is amongst those 80% people willing to start off,50% never really execute the firstContinue reading “How to Start a Business With No Money”

Are College Degrees Worth it? : Confronting Education System

The word Education is taken from the Latin word ‘Educe’ which means ‘to bring forth’. Education is to prepare you for doing your own taxes,purchasing a home, investments,building credits,getting a job and everything practical that cannot be learnt otherwise. Ideal Education: It should nurture our creative minds so that we can come up with practicalContinue reading “Are College Degrees Worth it? : Confronting Education System”

Practical Approach to Time Management: How to Finish more Tasks in less Time

Isn’t it paradoxical that even in this era where we are moving faster than ever before,you find it quite difficult to catch up with goals? While the home delivery systems of almost any product seems to save your precious time,you still can’t manage time. Now there is no such thing as time management since weContinue reading “Practical Approach to Time Management: How to Finish more Tasks in less Time”

How to develop a reading habit : 7 Tips for Beginners

Not each of you is a bookworm. There are times when you tend to avoid books because of the focus and time it requires. But deep inside you know you’re missing out the extensive knowledge. It’s really not possible to get the taste of a book in a YouTube video because a book sometimes takesContinue reading “How to develop a reading habit : 7 Tips for Beginners”

How to Love Yourself

“You yourself,as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” – Buddha We often undervalue the concept of self love and mistakenly associate it with selfishness. It’s only self love that shields our inner self. Therefore it’s necessary to understand what it really means by self love. 1. What is SelfContinue reading “How to Love Yourself”

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